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As the world feels heavy - be kind.

I've started this post and deleted it several times. I'm not sure where to start - what feels right to say in the wake of what feels like a less safe world.

Over the past several days I've found myself in a state of constant panic. If I'm being honest with myself, I'm scared. Scared for the world, scared for Ukrainians, scared for Russians, scared for my children, as well as the innocent children I see on my screens being ripped from their homes and families.

It's been overwhelming and stressful watching from a distance as the world grapples with how to deal with Russia, but more specifically Putin.

My husband has been continuously reminding me to stay present, rather than spiraling about the what ifs and tragedy the world is facing. (Easier said than done.)

The reality is I can't do much. I'm not a politician. I can't get a plane or supplies to Ukrainians fleeing their homes. But what I will do is make an even bigger effort to be kind. Smiling at a neighbor. Holding the door. Offering help when I can. The world is heavy right now, but kindness is contagious.

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