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It took me 31 years to get a facial.

In my 31 years on this earth I have never had a facial. When I told people this they were shocked, but I never felt the need to go, especially because I've never had major issues with my skin (knock on wood I don't jinx myself). I also am all about a cheap facemask from target and a steamy hot bubble bath - you know, my own personal spa in the comfort of my home. So why would I spend the money on something like that?

I was lucky enough to be the winner of The Beauty Boost Pittsburgh's 6 Days of Giveaways which included a variety of amazing prizes, but one in particular was an Ice Facial provided by Jessica G Lash & Beauty.

According to Jessica's website the Ice Facial service includes an "invigorating ice facial and lymphatic massage, [which] increases oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin. Using Cryo Globes & their luxe Marine Mermaid Mask this treatment optimizes cellular health and delivers ultimate skin radiance leaving the skin tighter, brighter & frozen in time."

I mean - I'm over thirty now, so the frozen in time aspect definitely sparked my interest. Jessica's studio is in a quaint corner of her Wexford, PA home where you are happily greeted at the door by her adorable daughters and then quickly sent upstairs for an hour of relaxation.

My favorite part of the facial was the Marine Mermaid Mask, followed closely by the ice globe massage.

The Marine Mermaid Mask and the ice globes can individually be added to any of her other facials, but they are both a staple in the Ice Facial. The mask is a luxurious, peel-off mask that lowers your skin's temperature to promote the absorption of active ingredients. The icy feeling, partnered with relaxing music and hand massage almost put me right to sleep. Afterwards I was impressed with how my usually dull, dry skin had an obvious glow to it.

Overall, my first experience with a facial was wonderful and in the future I won't be against spending money on this relaxing, self care outing. Until my next facial, you'll find me taking my usual hot bubble baths, partnered with cheap masks and relaxing music.

How do you practice self care? Let me know!

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