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Tips and Tricks for Organizing in the New Year

Happy 2022 friends! One of my intentions for the New Year is for my home to be more organized. The first area I decided I needed to tackle was the playroom and the massive amount of toys we have.

Three boys means triple the amount of cars, blocks, figures, puzzles and more. Plus, with Christmas happening less than a month ago, we were literally busting at the seams in our playroom area. I read somewhere that if you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of toys, your kids probably are too.

So I decided we needed a toy overhaul - and surprisingly my boys were all for it. We went through ALL of the toys (yes, even the ones way at the bottom of the toy box) and decided if they liked playing with it still or if they were willing to give it away for other children to play with it.

I also purchased several items to organize our spaces better. These were to help organize the following items:

  • Hot Wheels

  • Blocks

  • Magnetic Toys

  • Small Figurines

  • Superhero Figures

  • Barbies (Yes! My boys like to play with Barbies.)

  • Other Car/Truck Toys

  • Play Food + Kitchenware

  • Stuffed Animals

Here's a before photos of the playroom + play kitchen area:

Our biggest issues was that there were too many toys and not everything had a designated place - so clean up, whenever my boys would agree to it, turned into just a large, mounting pile of junk in various toy boxes.

I ordered a Delta Children Toy Organizer so that I could have a place for smaller items. (i.e. toy blocks, hot wheels, mini-action figures, magnetic toys.), as well as a three cube organizer from Target to have a space for all of the play food and kitchen items.

I also realized that my boys have an unhealthy "stuffy" obsession. So I ordered two jumbo hammocks to house them all. One for their room and another for the playroom.

Here's the final look of the playroom and kitchen. It feels so nice to have a specific place for every toy. Have you started the new year off my re-organizing your house? Let me know!

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