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Top Five Indoor Kids Activities - North of Pittsburgh

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

If you're like me, I like to get out all of my kids’ energy as often as possible. Typically, when the weather is nice, my husband and I sit on our deck and let them burn off that extra energy in the backyard. However, we live in Pittsburgh and the weather doesn't really cooperate with year-round outdoor activities. When we're cooped up indoors all day I have the tendency to leave the TV on amounting to way too much screen time.

So, here's how I get my kids moving outside of the house with a few of our family’s favorite places for indoor fun.

Flying Squirrel

Similar to other trampoline parks, flying squirrel has a large, visible open area for the kids to bounce. They also have several areas with basketball hoops, climbing walls and more. If you want to avoid jumping with big kids, they have toddler time every Tuesday and Thursday for jumpers 6 years old and under. Another bonus? On Saturdays and Sundays from 12-8 pm OnThePoint Brewing has a pop up location inside the park. Let your kids jump while you enjoy some brews with friends!

Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark

We just attended a birthday party at Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark and I was really impressed. They have varying size ramps for your kids to attempt to conquer with skates that attach to your shoes. If your kids (or you) aren't getting the hang of the skating aspect, they also have large pads that you can sit on to slide. If you're really not into skating, you can check out their dodge ball area, ninja course or their various bounce houses. The skatepark also has a toddler time on Wednesday mornings for kids 4 years old and under.


Kidzville takes imagination to another level with their one-of-a-kind kids village. There are a variety of custom playhouses for your little ones to explore and play in. They're open seven days a week and it's only $12 to play all day. Plus, they have a coffee bar for the parents - which makes it perfect if you want to take your playdates out of the house.

Fun Fore All

Fun Fore All is definitely a family favorite. We have gone there to celebrate the boys‘ birthdays a few times. It's great during every season because not only are there plenty of fun things to do indoors, they also have go karts, rides, bumper cars and mini-golf during the warmer months. But, during the winter they have a nice variety of arcade games to play, as well as a 4D experience - which terrified Levi, but would be great for older kids!

Ross Park Mall Playground

The Ross Park Mall play area is free and perfect if you’re wanting to get a park vibe without dealing with bundling up. It's tucked away in a corner near JCPenney and Footlocker, plus it is conveniently placed right next to the Starbucks kiosk. It's great to let the kids run around, and is usually pretty empty on weekdays. There are several bridges that act as climbing fun and slides.

What are some fun things you and your family do during the winter months? Let me know below or message me on Instagram!

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